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  • Portofel : Metamask
  • Socials: Twitter & Discord
  • Preț: ETH
  • Timp : 1 oră +
  • Acționează înainte : 2024-02-29

Blast Mainnet LIVE – New guide here

What is

Blast, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution that offers native yield for Ethereum (ETH) and stablecoins. Blast aims to address the lack of yield on other L2 solutions by incorporating native yield through ETH staking and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Here's a brief summary of the key points: Citește mai mult

  1. Native Yield on Blast: Blast is the first L2 solution to incorporate native yield, offering a default interest rate of 4% for ETH and 5% for stablecoins. This yield is generated from ETH staking and RWA protocols, with the goal of growing the on-chain economy.
  2. How Blast Works: Blast utilizes auto-rebasing for ETH transactions and bridges stablecoins to Blast's auto-rebasing stablecoin, USDB. Yield for USDB comes from MakerDAO's on-chain T-Bill protocol.
  3. Why a New L2: Existing L2 solutions lack yield, which leads to users losing money to inflation. Blast aims to change this by offering competitive yield rates for both ETH and stablecoins.
  4. Team and Contributors: The Blast team includes members with experience from top institutions and protocols in the DeFi and Web3 space. Contributors include well-known investors and individuals from the crypto community. Backed by Paradigm and Standard Crypto
  5. Airdrop and Development: Blast conducts a community airdrop split between early access members and developers. The early access airdrop is currently live, with points earned by bridging to Blast and inviting friends.

Now, let's delve into three thought-provoking questions or insights based on this information:

  1. Future of Layer 2 Solutions: With Blast pioneering native yield, how might other Layer 2 solutions adapt to remain competitive in the DeFi landscape?
  2. Risk vs. Reward: Blast introduces yield to mitigate inflation risk for users. How might this shift affect user behavior and investment strategies in the crypto space?
  3. Decentralized Governance: As Blast evolves, how might the community's influence shape its development and decision-making processes?

These questions reflect on Blast's innovative approach to yield generation, its impact on the broader DeFi ecosystem, and the role of community involvement in decentralized platforms.

➡️ How to airdrop farm Blast:

The Airdrop page provides information about the ongoing airdrop program for Blast's community members. Participants can join the Early Access Airdrop by connecting their wallet and bridging assets to Blast. The airdrop rewards early adopters with points, which can be redeemed for various benefits. Additionally, the page highlights the total value locked (TVL) on Blast, indicating the platform's growing popularity and adoption within the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Furthermore, Blast announces the launch of the Blast Testnet and invites developers to participate in the Big Bang Competition for decentralized applications (dApps). This initiative encourages developers to build innovative solutions on the Blast platform and contribute to its ecosystem growth. Overall, the Airdrop page serves as a gateway for users to engage with and participate in its community-driven initiatives, fostering collaboration and incentivizing involvement in the platform's development and expansion.

Methods below:

Not Active Anymore – Testnet Farming Methods

First of all go add blast rpc testnet into your metamask:

Network Name: Blast Sepolia
RPC Endpoint:
Chain ID: 168587773
Currency Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer:


Metoda de dezvăluire #1


    • 1. Go to and Deposit – ETH/USDC/Tether/stETH/WETH/Dai
    • 2. Grow your team and invite people via your referral link. Need code? Click here: Blast code
    • Based on your allocation you do spins and earn points. (PS: 1 ETH deposit will get you a spin weekly.)

Reveal Method #1 + Advanced Strategy

      • Blast: How to Game the System If I could do it again, I'd use Alts to maximize benefits from Blast deposits. Only use my strategy if you:
        • Plan to deposit 7+ ETH of value to Blast.
        • Have not already deposited a ton of value to Blast.
        • Do not already have a high Luck Percentage (>69%) on a Blast account.
        • Are willing to connect 13 Alts to Blast. DYOR, NFA, and don't blame me if it doesn't work.
        • Important notes about Alts:
          • Each Alt needs its own Gmail, Twitter, Discord, and Wallet.
          • Do not use subwallets.
          • Keep Alts separate, each in their own Google Chrome Profile window. If you try to manage them in the same browser window or try to use
          • Metamask wallet switching, Blast will connect your accounts, and you will not be able to disconnect them.
          • Track your Alts with a spreadsheet that contains all usernames.
          • When I mention an Account or an Alt in the steps below, it must meet all these criteria to be a unique Alt identity.
    • Steps to maximize benefits from Blast deposits:
      • Get a Blast invite code from someone who doesn't mind you squatting in their Squad without depositing.
      • Wait until gas is low. Nowadays, that's under 30 gwei.
      • With the invite code from Step #1, set up Account A and deposit 0.0001 ETH.
      • Account A invites Account B, and Account B deposits 0.0001 ETH.
      • Account B invites Account C, and Account C deposits 0.0001 ETH.
      • Account C uses all its codes to invite Alts. You start with 6-8 invite codes. You don't need to deposit to them, but you must complete registration until you reach the Deposit/Bridge screen.
      • You ideally want 10 Alts in Account C's Squad. If you have fewer than 10, deposit 0.0001 ETH into Alt Account 1 to see if it unlocks another invite code for Account C. If this works, deposit 0.0001 ETH into Alt Account 2 and so on until Account C has exactly 10 invite codes. Invite Alts with all of Account C's invite codes. If it has more than 10 invites, only use 10! Be sure every Alt reaches the Deposit/Bridge screen, signaling registration is complete.
      • Deposit 5 ETH into an Alt Account that has used Account C's invite code but hasn't deposited anything. Account C and every Alt in Account C's
      • Squad will receive a Lucky Spin (where you choose from 10 upside down Luck Cards and get a new Luck Percentage that's greater than the 10% default).
      • For all accounts you have deposited to, reveal the Lucky Cards earned in the previous step.
      • Decide whether to press your Luck. You only need one account with a high Luck Percentage. If you don't like any of your new Luck percentages, deposit 0.0001 ETH one by one into your remaining Alts that have never been deposited to. Each time you deposit, reveal the Luck Card. Once you get a good Luck Percentage, you can stop.
      • Deposit all of your remaining ETH into the “Lucky” Account that has the high Luck Percentage.
    • Notes About Luck Percentage
      • I flipped 10 Luck Cards and only have 70% Luck, so I tend to think 70% is pretty good. But I've also seen some people with 96% Luck.
      • If you get a high Luck Percentage (>69%) on the Alt Account where you made your initial 5 ETH deposit in Step #8, I think there's an advantage to keeping all your funds in one account. This is the ideal scenario. If you get a high Luck Card on this Account, I wouldn't press your Luck by depositing to more accounts in Step #10.
    • Final Thoughts
      • Regardless of whether Account C or an Alt Account ends up being the Account where you deposit your remaining funds in Step #11, you will own the Referring Account (+16% Points) and the Account that referred the Referring Account (+8% Points).

Metoda de dezvăluire #2

  • BLAST L2 Testnet: deploy a contract Maybe useless, but at least its something probably not everyone else is doing.
    • Step 1: Get Blast testnet ETH
      • a.) Easy way to get Blast Testnet ETH:
      • b.) If easy way does not work: Metamask already should have Sepolia Testnet, if not, add it here: Get Sepolia ETH on, at least 0.3 because TX are expensive there. Bridge your Sepolia ETH to Blast Testnet, you do this by changing your active chain to Sepolia and then sending some (like 0.1) Sepolia Testnet ETH to 0xc644cc19d2A9388b71dd1dEde07cFFC73237Dca8
    • Step 2: Deploy Go to choose ERC20 or Basic (does not matter, you can also do both) Change chain to Blast Sepolia, let it add chain to your wallet Deploy contract and interact, you can also come back later and interact again Bonus: While you are at it, you can deploy contracts for other chains like the “big ones” zkSync, Linea etc. but also for new stuff like BERA, KROM etc. Sources: Block Explorer: (edited)

Quest #1

    • Simply sign-in to
    • Go to
      • Follow @Gblast on X
      • Like @Gblast thread on X
      • Retweet @Gblast thread on
    • After you do that just click verify and done.
    • Make sure you bring more people via your referral code (you can share yours here)

Quest #2

    1. Simply sign-in to if you need code use FIVX
    2. After you used code:
      • Get Invite Code
      • Connect Wallet
      • Follow us on Twitter
      • Claim
      • Make sure you bring more people via your referral code (you can share yours here)

Quest #3

    1. Go to Demagex

    2. Connect wallet

    3. Click “POST ON X” & Connect twitter then click again post on X and make a twitter post (you can delete later)
    4. Now copy twitter link post and put it into field and click verify
    5. Now go to and do the quests available there ( should be some twitter tasks and discord)
    6. Share your referrals code (you can share yours here)

Quest #4

    1. Mergeți la and do the 3 quests

    4. JOIN BLASTER DISCORD (make sure you click checkmark to verify

Quest #5

  1. Mergeți la Blasterswap
  2. Connect wallet & switch to Blast Test Network
  5. After that just increase quantity to 10 and press Mint

Quest #6


  1. Mergeți la Blastscore
  2. Connect wallet & switch to Blast Test Network
  3. Click “Get Daily Reward”
  4. Connect Twitter & Discord
  5. Then:
  • Follow BlastScore Discord Server
  • Follow BlastScore Twitter Account
  • Like BlastScore Twitter Post
  • Like BlastScore Twitter Post
  • Do it for 7 days
  • Now go to:
    • Claim free & Mint NFT
  • Now go back to and farm the quests active there from other sources

Quest #7


  1. Go to
  2. Connect wallet like retweet and put the retweet link
  3. Check if say: “ELIGIBLE”
  4. Connect Twitter & Discord

Quest #8

Mergeți la

  1. Connect wallet & start your quests here:
    1. Join Our Twitter for 222 Points
    2. Like & RT for 333 Points
    3. Join Our Telegram for 222 Points
    4. Share this tweet for 555 Points
    5. Follow Our Partner for 222 Points
    6. Join Our Partner's Tg for 222 Points
    7. Follow Our Partner for 222 Points
    8. Follow Our Partner for 222 Points
    9. Join Partners Discord for 125 Points
  2. Click “Collect Reward”
  3. Share your referral code -> here

Quest #9

  • You earn 10% of your referral's points
  • They get a permanent 5% points boost
  1. Mergeți la BlastDisperse
  2. Connect wallet & share your referral -> here

Quest #10


  • Mergeți la Monoswap
  • Start with Faucet. All you have to do is claim Blast Testnet Eth and Claim Monoswap Tokens
  • Daily missions:
    • Daily check-in (10xp)
    • Follow (5xp)
    • Retweet (5xp)
    • Swap (20xp)
    • Add Liquidity (30xp)
  • Share you referral on social media or -> here

Quest #11


    • Mergeți la WenExchange
    • Join Discord & Like their tweeter
    • Share you referral on social media or -> here

Quest #12


    • Go to Thruster
    • Use code: use 9F4OSM or D832SO (for bonuses)
    • Join Community
      • Follow @Thruster on X (Twitter)
      • Join the Thruster Discord Server

Reveal Method #3 - For developers

    1. Launch the next big dApp 01/17/24———02/17/24

    2. Register to

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