Fantasy Blast Gold Farming Guide

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  • Portefeuille : Metamask
  • Socials: Twitter
  • Prix: Free (TestNet)
  • L'heure : 10 minutes
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What is

Navigating the Fantasy World: A New Dawn of Social Finance and Gaming

In an era where the lines between digital finance and entertainment blur, a groundbreaking platform emerges from the shadows, intertwining the thrill of trading card games with the burgeoning sphere of social finance. Welcome to Fantasy, a realm where your prowess in managing a deck of digital influencers can pave the way to real-world riches and glory.

The Quest Begins: Building Your Influencer Deck

Fantasy embarks you on a quest to assemble an invincible lineup of crypto Twitter influencers, the heroes of our age, who duel in the arena of social media performance. Your mission is to scout, collect, and strategically deploy these digital gladiators in weekly competitions. Here, your knowledge of the crypto universe and the influencers' clout becomes your most potent weapon.


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The Battle for Supremacy: Compete and Earn

As you dive deeper into Fantasy's universe, the competition intensifies. Weekly battles demand not just courage but cunning, as you pit your deck against fellow adventurers. Climbing the leaderboard is no small feat, requiring a blend of strategy, foresight, and a dash of fortune. Yet, the rewards are just as grand – rare influencer cards that augment your strength, ensuring that each victory brings you closer to the pinnacle of this digital Colosseum.

The Art of War: Strengthen Your Squad

In the dynamic world of Fantasy, the market is your armory. Buy, sell, and trade cards to forge an unbeatable squadron. This marketplace not only serves as the crucible where decks are refined but also as a testament to the platform's vibrant community, continuously fueling the ecosystem with fresh talent and opportunities.

The Victor's Spoils: Win Amazing Rewards

Victory in Fantasy is not just a matter of pride. Compete for prizes that transcend the digital realm – from cryptocurrency rewards to exclusive access to new packs, each triumph brings tangible benefits, further blurring the lines between virtual achievements and real-world gains.

The Heroes Among Us: Monetize Your Influence

Fantasy isn't just a playground for traders and gamers. It's a stage for influencers to shine, transforming social media prowess into financial opportunity. Join the Hero program, and see your Twitter influence quantified, rewarded, and celebrated. With every trade of your card, earn a passive income, cementing your status not just as a digital influencer but as a key player in the Fantasy ecosystem.

The Core of Fantasy: The Ecosystem

At the heart of Fantasy lies the FAN Point system, a dynamic currency that fuels your journey. These points are more than just a score; they are the key to unlocking new realms of possibility within the Fantasy universe. From earning BLAST and ETH to claiming exclusive card packs, FAN Points are your gateway to maximizing your influence and rewards.

The Future Awaits: Join the Fantasy Airdrop

The Fantasy adventure is just beginning. With the upcoming airdrop, the gates to this digital realm will swing wide open, inviting all to partake in its treasures. Whether you're a seasoned shitposter, a crypto enthusiast, or simply a curious bystander, the Fantasy airdrop represents a unique opportunity to stake your claim in this revolutionary platform.

Embark on Your Fantasy Journey stands at the confluence of gaming and social finance, a beacon for those daring to dream. In this digital age, where influence is currency, and gaming is no longer just play, Fantasy offers a path to valor and wealth. Are you ready to take up the mantle, build your deck, and carve your name into the annals of Fantasy? The journey begins now.

➡️ How to airdrop farm

Powered by BLAST: A New Paradigm of Efficiency

The Fantasy world is built upon the bedrock of BLAST, a Layer 2 solution ensuring that every action you take is swift, secure, and, most importantly, gas-free. This foundation not only enhances the user experience but also democratizes access to the Fantasy ecosystem, ensuring that adventurers from all walks of life can join the fray without the burden of prohibitive costs.

Méthode de révélation #1

You will need a code to enter ‘private access', so use this one: an71qu3

Right now it's on testnet, so feel free to go ham (you'll claim 2.5ETH on testnet + card pack) to accumulate FAN points which will convert to mainnet. I opened Raoul Pal lmao. P.S.: you'll most likely also be rewarded on Blast. Make sure to register for tournaments and do the daily quests to earn more FAN points.

LAST UPDATE: 19/05/2024

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