Farming airdrops on solana – How to & Top #3 Safety Methods

What is Farming Airdrops on Solana?

Farming Airdrops on Solana: An Overview

Introduction to Airdrop Farming on Solana: Airdrop farming on Solana involves strategic actions taken by individuals aiming to maximize their receipt of free tokens distributed by projects. Essentially, it's a technique where users navigate the ecosystem's rules to increase their airdrop gains. This often includes employing multiple wallet addresses and engaging in specific activities repeatedly to enhance reward accumulation.

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➡️ How to increase Safety first:

Introduction to Lucrative Airdrop Farming on Solana: Engaging in the practice of farming airdrops on Solana has proven to be highly rewarding. Historical observations reveal that several commendable projects have generously distributed substantial quantities of tokens to users who actively engaged in farming quests or participated in their testnets.

Preliminary Guide for Safe Initiation into Airdrop Farming: To embark on this potentially profitable journey, it's crucial to start with a foundational understanding of the process, ensuring a secure and informed approach to farming airdrops on Solana. Here's an essential guide to set you on the right path:

En savoir plusFirst of all never use your main wallet or cold wallet

  1. Simply create a new wallet – we suggest solfare cause it's easier to interact with ledgers & create burner account inside
    •  1st suggestion – Solfare
      • Download extension here
      • Or their mobile apps from
    • 2nd suggestion – Phantom
      • Download extension here
      • Or their mobile apps from
  2. Once you created wallet & wrote down your seed phrase on a paper is time to buy solana (for gas fees) or transfer from your main wallet
  3. Now for double safety – create a burnet wallet inside this new wallet
    1. Step #1
    2. Step #2
  4. Now you're good to go!

➡️ How to Check Airdrops on Solana:

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Simply check your wallet adresses on

➡️ How to Farm Airdrops on Solana:

Strategies for Maximizing Airdrop Rewards: The core strategy for farming airdrops on Solana revolves around the dispersion of an individual's crypto holdings across several digital wallets. Instead of a singular interaction with a project or service, users leverage multiple wallets for repeated engagements. Each distinct interaction, originating from a separate address, stands a chance to qualify for its unique airdrop rewards, thereby amplifying the total number of tokens obtained. Although this method is clever and resourceful, it's sometimes perceived as gaming the system, leading to mixed reactions within the crypto community.

Consequences and Ethical Considerations: The practice of farming airdrops on Solana is a double-edged sword. While some admire the creativity and strategic planning involved, others view it as a manipulation that skews the natural token distribution process, potentially sidelining honest participants. This tactic mirrors Sybil Attacks, a known threat in cybersecurity, prompting many crypto projects to introduce sophisticated detection tools to uphold fairness and safeguard the integrity of their airdrop distributions. As the cryptocurrency landscape matures, the conversation around the ethics and effects of airdrop farming continues to evolve, reflecting the community's ongoing efforts to balance innovation with equity.

LAST UPDATE: 22/05/2024

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Phase 2 (rumors) Make sure you are do transactions on:

  1. Meteora
    1. Deposit JUP for the MET stimulus package!
  2. MET Stimulus
  3. Kamino: Earn automated $JUP yield
  4. Orca: Deposit $JUP to earn extra rewards on Orca
  5. Solend: Deposit JUP to earn SLND on Solend!
  6. MarginFi: Deposit $JUP into marginfi to borrow against your airdrop
  7. Drift: Deposit $JUP and trade JUP-PERP on Drift
  8. Raydium: Provide in-range liquidity JUP-SOL
  9. Phoenix: Trade $JUP on the Phoenix order book
  10. Zeta: Trade JUP-PERP on Zeta and earn 3x Z-Score for a limited time
  11. Z-Score

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