Marinade Solana Airdrop Farming – Top #3 Methods

ℹ️ Status:

  • Current Status : 🟢 Active

⚠️ Requirements:

  • Wallet : Phantom/Solfare
  • Socials: N/A
  • Price: SOL
  • Time : 30 minutes
  • Act Before : 2024-06-30

What is Marinade Finance?

Decoding Marinade Finance: A Revolution in Solana Staking

In the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape, Marinade Finance emerges as a pivotal player, especially within the Solana ecosystem. This platform offers a unique staking solution designed to enhance liquidity and yield for SOL holders. Through its innovative approach to liquid staking and the introduction of Marinade Native, Marinade Finance is not just another staking protocol; it's a game-changer.


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Non-Custodial and Permissionless: The Core of Marinade Finance

At its heart, Marinade Finance is a non-custodial staking protocol, ensuring that users retain control over their SOL tokens. Unlike traditional staking mechanisms, Marinade allows SOL holders to stake their tokens without handing over custody, a significant leap forward in securing users' assets. This non-custodial approach, coupled with the protocol's permissionless nature, underscores Marinade's commitment to decentralization and user autonomy.

Liquid Staking: The Best of Both Worlds

One of Marinade Finance's standout features is its liquid staking solution. This innovative service enables SOL holders to stake their tokens and receive mSOL, a marinated version of SOL, representing their staked value. Liquid staking with Marinade not only allows users to earn staking rewards but also keeps their assets liquid, enabling participation in the broader DeFi ecosystem without sacrificing yield. This flexibility is a significant advantage for SOL holders looking to maximize their investment potential.

Marinade Native: Automating Success

July 2023 saw the launch of Marinade Native, a product designed to streamline the staking process for SOL holders. Marinade Native offers an automated delegation strategy that monitors and rebalances staked SOL, all while avoiding smart contract risks. This feature is particularly appealing for users seeking to leverage Marinade's expertly crafted staking strategy without engaging in complex DeFi transactions.

Transparent and User-Friendly Fee Structure

Marinade Finance adopts a transparent and user-friendly fee structure, ensuring that users are fully aware of any charges. The platform offers instant and delayed unstaking options, with fees ranging from 0.1% to 9% for immediate unstakes, depending on liquidity conditions. Notably, delayed unstakes incur no fees, providing an economical option for users. The protocol also levies a 6% commission on staking rewards, a small price for the convenience and yield-enhancing features Marinade provides.

A Commitment to Security

Security is paramount in DeFi, and Marinade Finance has taken rigorous steps to ensure the safety of its platform. Prior to its mainnet launch, Marinade underwent thorough audits by reputable firms such as Neodyme and Ackee Blockchain, both of which found no critical issues. These audits, combined with ongoing security measures, offer users peace of mind when staking their SOL with Marinade.

Empowering Users with MEV Rewards

Marinade's staking strategy includes the optimization for Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) rewards, enhancing the overall yield for its users. By staking to validator nodes running MEV-optimized clients, Marinade ensures that users benefit from additional rewards, further maximizing the value of their staked assets.

The Marinade DAO: A Vision for the Future

Governance plays a crucial role in the evolution of Marinade Finance, with the Marinade DAO at the helm. The DAO empowers MNDE token holders to participate in the decision-making process, shaping the future of the protocol. This democratic approach fosters a vibrant community of engaged users, all working towards the shared goal of enhancing the Marinade ecosystem.


Marinade Finance stands as a beacon of innovation in the Solana DeFi space. Through its non-custodial staking, liquid staking solutions, introduction of Marinade Native, transparent fee structure, and unwavering commitment to security, Marinade is not just facilitating staking; it's redefining it. As the protocol continues to evolve, driven by community governance and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Marinade Finance is poised to remain at the forefront of the DeFi revolution.

➡️ How to airdrop farm Marinade:

Long story short – methods below:

Reveal Method #1

You farm MNDE by staking sol, its liquid you can withdraw whenever you want. Season 1 ends January 1st so few days left and you need to stake enough sol to get at least 1 mnde(minimum to claim) Could be sth for next phase and future eligibility. Start here

LAST UPDATE: 12/07/2024

Reveal Method #2

  1. Stake SOL< 1 MNDE Accumulate 1 MNDE for 2 staked SOL over the entire Season 2. Includes Marinade’s liquid staking (mSOL) and native staking (Marinade Native).
  2. Govern Accumulate 1 MNDE for every 3.48 SOL directed stake

Extra info:

  • 0.0055 MNDE / day
  • Accumulate 0.0055 MNDE per day for each 1 SOL staked into Marinade’s liquid staking (mSOL) and native staking (Marinade Native).
  • 1 MNDE minimum to claim
  • You can’t claim less than 1 MNDE, so it may be a good idea to stake more to be sure you’ll be there on time!
  • Claim as locked MNDE
  • You won’t get your MNDE immediately. When you press “Claim”, your rewards will be locked in Realms. You can start the unlock period of 30 days at any time. 90 days to claim
  • You’ll be able to claim Season 2 rewards on Mar 31 – Jun 31. After that, your MNDE will be returned back to treasury.

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