Upcoming or Potential Airdrops 2024

A Strategic Guide for upcoming/potential Airdrops and Farming

In the vibrant ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi), innovative strategies for augmenting crypto assets are constantly emerging. Among these, airdrops and farming present unique opportunities for investors to potentially increase their holdings without significant upfront investment. This guide, enriched with curated insights from Airdropic.com, delves into these strategies, emphasizing how information is meticulously sorted by funding and market rumors to guide your investment decisions.

Airdrops: Leveraging Free Tokens for Growth

Airdrops serve as a mechanism for projects to distribute free tokens directly to the wallets of potential users. This strategy is not only a marketing tool to enhance project visibility but also a way to reward community members and encourage platform engagement. Eligibility for airdrops can vary, often requiring holders to possess specific tokens or to have interacted with the project in some manner.

Airdropic.com plays a crucial role in curating airdrop information, sorting opportunities by funding and market rumors. This curated approach ensures that investors have access to reliable and potentially lucrative airdrops. Projects with solid funding are typically more reliable and may offer greater value, while those surrounded by positive market rumors could indicate early-stage opportunities with high growth potential. Engaging with the DeFi community, staying active on social media, and participating in project ecosystems are strategies to increase your chances of receiving airdrops. However, due diligence is paramount to avoid scams and ensure engagement with reputable projects.

1. Project list sorted by market rumors:

Ambit Finance Deposit
Rio Network Complete testnet actions
Ethena Buy, LP, Stake USDe
beoble Sign up and collect points
Pryzm Complete testnet actions
Kinetix Finance Make trades
Aftermath Finance Make trades
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AVNU Make Swaps
Bluefin Trade
ClayStack Stake ETH, eETH or stETH
Retro Bridge Use the bridge
INIT Capital Deposit or Borrow
Renzo Deposit ETH
Entangle Complete testnet actions
B² Network Deposit
Aether Stake ATOM
Nostra Lend or Borrow
Rabby Wallet Install the wallet
Bitcoin Virtual Machine Join Allowlist
StackingDAO Stake STX
NAVI Protocol Supply or Borrow
SatoshiVM Complete testnet actions
Mind Network Complete testnet actions
XION Complete testnet actions
Web3Go Mint passport
Pike Lend or Borrow
Berachain Complete testnet actions
Synonym Complete testnet actions
Parcl Trade & Provide liquidity
Dymension Stake DYM
Sound.xyz Buy or Sell NFTs
Reveel Use the bridge
Rain.fi Lend or Borrow
Scallop Lend or Borrow
Grass Sign up & run Grass
Data Ownership Protocol Complete testnet actions
Elusiv Send tokens privately
Kamino Stake tokens
Phoenix Make trades
Term Structure Complete testnet actions
Affine Stake, Lend or Trade
NovaDEX Make swaps & Provide LP
SynFutures Make trades
Blast Bridge ETH
Hinkal Deposit, swap, stake etc
Patex Use the bridge
Base Name Service Buy a domain
InceptionLRT Do testnet actions
Meuna Make trades
Satori Make trades
marginfi Lend & Borrow tokens
Scroll Name Service Buy a domain
Aori Make testnet trades
GRVT Sign up for early access
Derivio Make trades
Base Use the protocol
Mode Bridge
Xai Complete testnet actions
Omni Do testnet missions
Mangrove Make trades
Ambient Make trades
Basilisk Supply or Borrow
Lightlink Complete testnet actions
Chainflip Complete testnet actions
Hubble Exchange Complete testnet actions
Dmail Network Buy a domain
Tsunami Finance Make trades
TapiocaDAO Complete testnet actions
Tabi Complete Quests
Polygon zkEVM Bridge & Interact with the dApps
Tevaera Play games
Range Protocol Provide liquidity
Cedro Finance Use the testnet
StarkNet ID Buy a domain
MUFEX Complete testnet actions
AltLayer Claim Now
EigenLayer Stake tokens
Venom Complete testnet actions
Cashmere Complete testnet actions
5ireChain Complete testnet actions
zkSync Name Service Buy a domain
Holograph Create NFT Collection
ZKX Complete testnet actions
Sui Complete testnet actions
Linea Complete testnet & Mainnet actions
Polynomial Protocol Make trades
ether.fi Stake ETH
SyncSwap Complete testnet actions
Tensor List or Bid on NFTs
Polyhedra Network Complete mainnet actions
Huma Finance Use the testnet
Quasar Bond tokkens
Dune Analytics Create queries
SPACE ID Buy a domain
AlienSwap Buy or Sell NFTs
Nexon Finance Use the testnet
EZ Finance Complete testnet actions
Olive Make a deposit
Enchanter Finance Complete testnet actions
Mayan Make a swap
Neptune Mutual Buy Insurance
Demex Make trades
Taiko Complete testnet actions
Specular Complete testnet actions
Hashstack Complete testnet actions
Brine Make trades
V2X Complete testnet actions
Supernova Complete testnet actions
Bebop Make a trade
Orderly Network Make a trade
zkLend Supply or Borrow
nftperp Make trades
Phi Complete quests
Swing Make a swap
Sentiment Make trades
Voltz Make a trade
objkt.com Buy or Sell NFTs
TiTi Protocol Complete testnet actions
JediSwap Complete testnet actions
Mean Finance Create a DCA position
Key App Make a swap
ParaSpace Complete testnet actions
Layerswap Make a swap
Scroll Mainnet & testnet
Aboard Make a trade
Via Protocol Make a swap
ChainHop Make a swap
Cega Stake USDC
ZKasino Make bets
Arrakis Finance Provide liquidity
Dolomite Make trades
Deepwaters Complete testnet actions
BlueMove Buy or Sell NFTs
OptiFi Use the DEX
Alpha Road Complete testnet actions
Alpha Road Complete testnet actions
OpenChat Use the platform
Shardeum Complete testnet actions
RabbitX Complete mainnet actions
The Granary Deposit or Borrow
Rage Trade Stake or trade
LayerZero Use the bridge
Pontem Make a swap
Onomy Protocol Try out the testnet
Trustless Complete testnet actions
Commodo Complete testnet actions
Stratos Buy or Sell NFTs
NuLink Complete testnet actions
ZKEX Complete testnet and mainnet actions
Helio Protocol Stake or Borrow
Odos Make a swap
Portal Use the bridge
Composable Finance Stake or Use the bridge
Quix Buy or Sell NFTs
Bungee Make a swap
LI.FI Make a swap
deBridge Make a swap
Tally Ho Make Swaps
Rubic x Symbiosis x Boba Make a swap
Primex Participate in the testnet
ZORA Buy or Sell NFTs & testnet actions
0VIX Supply or Borrow
Bonq Stake EWT
Epsylon Stake USDC or Fantom
Matrix Stake Fantom
Gem Buy or Sell NFTs
Bridgesplit Buy NFTs, provide liquidity or make swaps
Fractional Create or buy fractional NFTs
ioTube Use the bridge
Unagii Stake tokens
Nested Create or Join a Portfolio
Fuji DAO Borrow assets
PartyBid Join or create an NFT party
ThetaNuts Finance Make trades
Orbiter Finance Use the bridge
Katana Stake tokens
Drift Protocol Make trades
Trust Domains Buy a domain
Votium Delegate CVX
Pika Protocol Make a trade or stake
Friktion Stake or make a swap
Sonic Make a swap or provide liquidity
Quarry Deposit LP tokens
Shell Protocol Make a swap
Mintbase Mint or Buy NFTs
Rubicon Make a swap or provide liquidity
Coinhall Make a swap
StellarX Make a swap or provide liquidity
Aztec Shield your ETH
Francium Farm or Lend
Zeta Make trades
Volmex Mint, swap or provide liquidity
Argent Make a swap
Socean Stake SOL
Superfluid Create a money stream
Hedgehog Markets Make a prediction
Sablier Stream money to others
Atrix Make a swap, provide liquidity and/or stake LP tokens
ZigZag Make a trade
TokenSets Create or buy Sets
Phantom Make a swap
DeBank Make swaps
DexGuru Make a trade
Matcha Make a trade
Solanart Buy or Sell NFTs
Foundation Buy or Sell NFTs
DeFi Saver Make a swap
Zerion Make a swap
Zapper Make a swap
Yield Protocol Make a deposit or borrow tokens
Cozy Finance Make a transaction
Timeswap Participate in their mainnet
Opyn Buy an option
Symmetry Make a swap
Solend Use the Solend platform
Terraswap Make a swap
Polymarket Make predictions
zkSync Use the mainnet
Slingshot Make a trade
OpenSea Buy or Sell NFTs
Wormhole Use the bridge
Marinade Stake SOL
Backd Use the testnet
Metamask Make swaps within MetaMask

2. Project list sorted by funding:

$100.00M+ Investments
Linea $726.00M ~$215 L2 A developer ready zk rollup powered by Consensys, enabling the next generation of Ethereum builders
zkSync $458.00M ~$215 L2 A trustless protocol for scalable low-cost payments on Ethereum, powered by zkRollup technology
Aleo $298.00M FREE L1 The ultimate toolkit for building zero-knowledge applications
Layer Zero $263.30M ~$15 Cross-Chain An omnichain interoperability protocol that unites dapps across disparate blockchains
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Mantle Network $230.00M ~$215 L2 Mass adoption of decentralized & token-governed technologies
$60.00M+ Investments
Fuel Network $81.50M FREE L1 A fast modular execution layer written on Sway language
Scroll $80.00M ~$215 L2 Its own network built on Ethereum (zero-knowledge rollup)
EigenLayer $64.50M ~$200 LSD/LRTFi A platform to leverage Ethereum security through restaking
$1.00M+ Investments
Monad $19.00M FREE L1 EVM-equivalent with optimizations to deliver 10,000 tps
HyperLane $18.50M ~$15 Cross-Chain The first interoperability layer for permissionless connection of any blockchain
Eclipse Labs $15.00M FREE L2 Customizable Rollup Provider
Lava Network $15.00M FREE Cross-Chain A modular data network for developers
Elixir Protocol $9.60M ~$200 L1 Decentralized market making protocol
Caldera $9.00M FREE RAAS Modular blockchain platform for developers
AEVO $8.80M ~$200 Perpetuals A high-performance decentralized derivatives exchange platform
GRVT $7.10M ~$200 Perpetuals Hybrid on-chain exchange combining CEX experience and DEX security
Redstone $7.00M FREE Oracles Next-generation decentralized finance oracle platform
Ambient Finance $6.50M ~$200 DEX Supports concentrated, ambient, and ‘knock-out' liquidity
LogX $6.10M ~$200 Perpetuals Deep liquidity for leveraged trading
Mode Network $5.30M ~$15 L2 Layer-2 solution for scalability and efficiency
ether.fi $5.30M ~$200 LSD/LRTFi Issued by ether.fi Protocol
IntentX $4.30M ~$200 Perpetuals First of its kind omnichain OTC derivatives market
Swell Network $3.75M ~$200 LSD/LRTFi Permissionless and non-custodial liquid ETH staking protocol
Renzo Protocol $3.20M ~$200 LSD/LRTFi Restaking protocol built on the EigenLayer framework
Tensor $3.00M ~$200 NFTs Solana-centric NFT trading platform with advanced functionalities
Swan Chain $3.00M FREE L2 Layer-3 cross-chain solution for Web3 projects
Helix App $2.00M ~$200 VES Pairs proprietary credit assessment tools with a range of credit opportunities
$20.00M+ Investments
SynFutures $36.00M ~$200 DEX
Decentralized derivatives exchange focusing on trading crypto perpetual futures
Drift Protocol $27.30M ~$200 Perpetuals
On-chain, cross-margined perpetual futures on Solana
PolyHedra Network $25.00M ~$15 Cross-Chain
Decentralized identity platform for web3 infrastructure
DeBank $25.00M ~$15 Services
Dashboard for tracking DeFi portfolios
Shardeum $23.00M FREE L1
EVM-based, linearly scalable smart contract platform
LI.FI (Jumper Exchange) $23.00M ~$15 Cross-Chain
Cross-chain bridge & DEX aggregation platform
Taiko $22.00M FREE L2
Decentralized Ethereum-equivalent ZK-EVM and ZK-Rollup
Orderly Network $20.00M ~$200 Cross-Chain
Permissionless, decentralized exchange protocol on NEAR
Blast $20.00M ~$15 NFTs
Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins
Not Disclosed
Cosmos Staking (Round 2) ~$200 L1
Ecosystem of blockchains that scale and interoperate
Jupiter ~$15 DEX
DEX Aggregator and Perpetual Exchange on Solana
Stride ~$200 LSD/LRTFi
Liquid staking solution for Cosmos ecosystem
Kroma ~$15 L2
Optimistic Rollup evolving into EVM-equivalent ZK Rollup
Kelp DAO ~$200 LSD/LRTFi
Liquid Restaking Solutions for blockchain networks
Gravita Protocol ~$200 LSD/LRTFi
ETH-centric Borrowing Protocol for LSTs
Métis Season 1 FREE L2
Layer 2 infrastructure for the Web 3.0 economy
EigenPie ~$200 LSD/LRTFi
Liquid Restaking SubDAO created by Magpie
Integrates NFT assets into DeFi via fractionalization
Hypr Network ~$15 GameFi
Layer 2 blockchain built on top of Ethereum
Mito Network ~$15 DEX
Web3 protocol for automated trading and yield generation
SyncSwap ~$15 DEX
Seamless decentralized exchange on the zkSync Era
Orbiter Finance ~$15 Cross-Chain
Decentralized cross-rollup bridge with smart contracts on Ethereum