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What is Tensor Marketplace?

Unveiling the Future of NFT Trading on Solana: A Deep Dive into Tensor Marketplace

In the dynamic realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the Solana blockchain has emerged as a fertile ground for innovation and growth. At the heart of this burgeoning ecosystem lies Tensor, Solana's leading NFT marketplace, a platform that has meticulously crafted a trading experience designed for the future. This blog post explores the intricate details and groundbreaking features of Tensor, highlighting its role in reshaping the landscape of NFT trading on Solana.

A Marketplace Beyond Comparison

Tensor stands out as a beacon of liquidity and functionality within the Solana ecosystem, boasting the deepest liquidity on all of Solana and covering an astounding array of over 30,000 collections. Its lightning-fast, composable user interface updates in real-time, catering to the demands of both novice traders and seasoned professionals. Among its advanced offerings, Tensor provides full support for market-making orders and collection-wide bids, alongside fun rewards for trading, setting a new standard for NFT marketplaces.

tensor marketplace
tensor marketplace

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Introducing Price Lock: A Game-Changer in NFT Trading

The marketplace's latest innovation, the price lock feature, represents a significant leap forward in trading mechanics. It offers traders the opportunity to long or short NFTs with a minimal upfront fee of 3-4%, while makers can enjoy yields of up to 500% on their NFTs and SOL. This feature ensures that locks earn a substantial portion of all trading rewards, making it an attractive option for users looking to maximize their earnings and hedge their positions in the volatile NFT market.

Empowering Creators Like Never Before

Tensor extends its pioneering spirit to creators, providing them with a comprehensive hub to manage their collections. From adding or removing mints to modifying the name and description of collections, the platform empowers creators with unparalleled control. Furthermore, Tensor's launchpad enables the launch of various kinds of Solana NFTs, from pNFTs to compressed formats, ensuring creators have the flexibility and support to bring their visions to life.

Tensorians: A Community of Superfans

At the core of Tensor's ethos is its vibrant community, encapsulated in the Tensorians NFT collection. This exclusive collection for the platform's 10k superfans not only symbolizes membership in an elite group but also represents the collective spirit of innovation and passion that drives the Tensor ecosystem forward.

Redefining NFT Trading on Solana

Tensor's unique blend of deep liquidity, advanced trading features, and robust support for creators sets it apart in the crowded NFT marketplace landscape. Its commitment to providing a seamless, efficient, and rewarding trading experience has positioned it as a cornerstone of the Solana NFT ecosystem. With its innovative price lock feature and dedicated support for creators, Tensor is not just facilitating transactions; it's fostering a community and paving the way for the future of NFT trading on Solana.

As the NFT market continues to evolve, platforms like Tensor are crucial in addressing the complexities and challenges of digital asset trading. By offering a sophisticated trading environment, comprehensive creator support, and a strong community focus, Tensor is shaping the trajectory of NFT trading on Solana, promising a future where accessibility, liquidity, and innovation converge.

➡️ How to airdrop farm Tensor:

Season 1 and 2 are over but…

Tensor's Season 3 ignites a new chapter for traders and liquidity providers on its NFT marketplace, introducing innovative ways to earn rewards through bidding, listing, and market-making, similar to the previous season. This season, the points counter is hidden to foster a healthier NFT market, although rankings remain visible on the leaderboard. A groundbreaking feature, price locks, now allows users to long or short NFTs, designating a significant portion of points to price lock LPs. This strategic shift ensures that rewards are more aligned with contributing to the marketplace's liquidity and stability, promising an engaging and fair trading environment.

LAST UPDATE: 24/05/2024

Método de revelação #1

Staking, actively trading, and referring traders are given the most points this season. Rewards for staked Tensorians trading multiplier ( 10-50%) Passive points based on volume 5% of referral fees 10-25% of referral points More Tensorians = More rewards 1+ – 10+ 50+ How to generate a referral code Go to the rewards page Visit the new referrals tab Copy your code or link https://www.tensor.trade/rewards

Método de revelação #2

Here’s how to farm- IN GENERAL: List NFTs from the top 100 collections Bid on NFTs from the top 100 collections ( think blue chips listed below) Keep a 100% loyalty score 5% trading multiplier Blue- chips: Mad lads, claynos, smb , famous foxes, okay bears, glactic geckos, sol casino

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