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What is Bsquared Network?

The B² Network: Pioneering a New Era for Bitcoin

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the B² Network emerges as a beacon of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what Bitcoin can achieve. As the first zero-knowledge proof verification commitment rollup on Bitcoin, the B² Network stands as a testament to the potential for growth and transformation within the world's premier cryptocurrency ecosystem. This groundbreaking Layer-2 solution not only accelerates transaction speeds but also diversifies application capabilities without compromising on security. Here's how the B² Network is setting the stage for a new chapter in Bitcoin's storied history.

Revolutionizing Bitcoin Transactions

The essence of the B² Network lies in its ability to facilitate faster, more efficient transactions. By leveraging rollup technology, the network allows for the execution of Turing-complete smart contracts for off-chain transactions. This technological leap significantly reduces transaction costs while enhancing efficiency, a critical advancement for Bitcoin's scalability and usability.

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Enhancing Privacy and Security with Zero-Knowledge Proofs

At the heart of the B² Network's innovation is the utilization of zero-knowledge proof technology. This sophisticated approach, in tandem with gate commitment and the challenge-response mechanism of Taproot, ensures the utmost privacy and security for transactions. Users can transact with confidence, knowing that their activities are protected by state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques.

A Vision for a Versatile Bitcoin

The B² Network harbors a grand vision for Bitcoin, aiming to transform it from a mere digital asset into a versatile platform. This vision encompasses the integration of Bitcoin into a wide array of applications, from decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to other innovative decentralized systems. By expanding Bitcoin's utility, the B² Network aspires to unlock new possibilities and opportunities for users worldwide.

Core Values and Mission

The B² Network is not just about technological advancements; it's built on a foundation of core values that respect Bitcoin's original ethos while striving for future growth. These values emphasize the evolution of Bitcoin beyond a payment network, nurturing BTC-related assets, and fostering an ecosystem that aligns with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for broad compatibility and user familiarity.

With a mission to build the premier Bitcoin Layer-2 network, the B² Network aims to revive the builder culture that characterized Bitcoin's early days. This culture of innovation and development is crucial for creating a vibrant ecosystem where users are not just participants but active contributors.

Empowering Users and Developers

Practicality is at the core of the B² Network's design. It seeks to offer a solution that meets the real-world needs of individuals and enterprises alike. By providing a platform for faster transactions, reduced fees, and innovative financial tools, the B² Network aims to make Bitcoin more accessible and useful for everyday transactions and applications.

For developers, the network offers a fertile ground for creativity and innovation. With tools and platforms that facilitate the easy building of DApps and migration from EVM-compatible ecosystems, the B² Network is poised to attract a new generation of builders eager to explore Bitcoin's potential.


The B² Network represents a significant leap forward in the quest to enhance Bitcoin's capabilities. By staying true to Bitcoin's core values while pushing the envelope of technological innovation, the network aims to chart a new course for Bitcoin's future. As we stand on the brink of this exciting new era, the B² Network serves as a reminder of Bitcoin's untapped potential and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

➡️ How to airdrop farm Bsquared Network:

This task can only be completed with a EVM address. Please ensure that your EVM address is linked before proceeding.

Enthüllungsmethode #1

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Add Referral Link/Code:  Eh0nFVi

  1. Do Know B² Network Tasks (30 points):

2. Try Bridge On B² Network (100 points):

  • Deposit BTC from Bitcoin Testnet to B² Testnet
3. Share your referral on social media and here (10 points per join)

LAST UPDATE: 24/05/2024

Enthüllungsmethode #2

Meson Quests (150 Points):

  1. Swap to B² with gas station
  2. Deposit USDT/ USDC to B² Testnet
  3. Withdraw USDT/ USDC from B² Testnet

Enthüllungsmethode #3

Glowswap Quests (150 Points):

  1. Swap
  2. Liquidität bereitstellen
  3. Stake

Enthüllungsmethode #4

Layerbank Quests (150 Points):

  1. Supply BTC / USDC
  2. Borrow BTC / USDC

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