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  • Current Status : 🟢 Active

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  • Wallet : Metamask
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  • Time : 30 minutes
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What is Ethena?

Ethena Labs is at the forefront of a financial revolution, crafting an innovative solution within the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency. This blog post delves into Ethena Labs' introduction of the Internet Bond via its USDe protocol, a synthetic dollar that heralds a new era for crypto-native financial solutions. The advent of USDe, a synthetic dollar protocol built on Ethereum, marks a significant leap forward, promising a globally accessible, dollar-denominated savings instrument that is both scalable and stable.

The Genesis of the Internet Bond

The crypto space has long been in search of a stable, reliable medium of exchange and store of value that can function independently of the traditional banking system. Ethena Labs addresses this challenge head-on with its innovative concept of the Internet Bond. This bond is not merely a financial instrument but a paradigm shift in how we conceive of and interact with digital currency. By leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Ethena Labs offers USDe, a synthetic dollar that is collateralized with crypto assets and short futures positions, thus providing a scalable and stable solution for crypto-native money.

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What Sets USDe Apart

Unlike traditional fiat stablecoins such as USDC or USDT, USDe distinguishes itself through its crypto-native foundation. It is designed to be censorship-resistant, enabling transactions and savings in a manner that is fully transparent and free from the influence of centralized financial institutions. The USDe achieves its stability through a meticulous process of delta hedging, wherein derivatives positions are adjusted against protocol-held collateral to maintain its peg to the dollar.

The Internet Bond combines yield from staked Ethereum with the funding and basis spread from perpetual and futures markets. This innovative mechanism creates an onchain, crypto-native bond that can serve as a dollar-denominated savings instrument for users in permitted jurisdictions. It's a solution that not only promises financial stability in the volatile world of cryptocurrency but also extends its benefits across a global user base.

The Launch and Future of USDe

Upon its launch, USDe users can engage with the protocol in several ways, including permissionless acquisition through external AMM pools, direct minting with stETH collateral, and staking to receive a share of the generated yield. These features are designed with the user's freedom and financial empowerment in mind, allowing for a versatile and user-centric experience.

The potential of USDe and the Internet Bond extends beyond the immediate benefits of a stable, crypto-native currency. It represents a significant opportunity for the crypto space at large, promising to enhance the security, efficiency, and accessibility of digital finance. By providing a transparent, stable, and scalable solution, Ethena Labs is not just addressing the current needs of the crypto community but is also paving the way for the future of digital currency.

The Importance to the Crypto Space

The significance of Ethena Labs' work cannot be overstated. In a domain where volatility is the norm, the introduction of a stable and scalable crypto-native money solution like USDe brings much-needed stability and reliability. It enables not just traditional financial transactions but also opens up new avenues for savings, investments, and financial planning in the digital age.


Ethena Labs, through its USDe protocol and the Internet Bond, is setting a new standard for what we can expect from digital currency. The initiative's success lies in its ability to combine the benefits of traditional financial instruments with the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology, creating a solution that is both innovative and grounded in financial stability. As we look to the future, the role of solutions like USDe in shaping the landscape of digital finance becomes increasingly clear, marking a significant step forward in the quest for a truly decentralized, stable, and accessible form of money.

➡️ How to airdrop farm X:

Ethena is a startup developing the first-ever ‘internet bond’ and a new Ethereum-based stablecoin USDe that achieves stability by hedging price exposure through shorting Ethereum using perpetual swaps, while their savings bond offers individuals worldwide a dollar-denominated savings instrument with the benefits of decentralized finance.

  • Investors: $6.5M from DragonFly Capital, Delphi Digital, ByBit, OKX Ventures, Wintermute, CMT Digital and other. Ethena participated in the 6th season of incubation by Binance Labs

Reveal Method #1

You can get shards by holding, staking, provide liqudity with USDe:

  1. Join on the website here: ⁠
  2. Buying USDe [5x Shards/Day]
  3. Staking sUSDe [1x Shards/Day]
  4. Adding liquidity [20x Shards/Day]

LAST UPDATE: 24/05/2024

Reveal Method #2

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