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  • Portefeuille : Metamask
  • Socials: Twitter & Discord
  • Prix: Multiple
  • L'heure : 30 minutes
  • Agir avant : N/A

What is Blackwing?

Let's dive into the transformative approach Blackwing is introducing to the world of leverage trading, especially for long tail assets, alongside their current achievements and visionary roadmap for the future.

The Challenge with Current Leverage Trading Platforms

In the dynamic sphere of cryptocurrency trading, leverage plays a pivotal role in magnifying returns, offering traders the potential for significant profits. However, the current landscape for accessing leverage, especially for long tail assets—from the lesser-known WIF to the emerging BONK tokens—presents a labyrinth of challenges. Traditional platforms offering leverage through perpetual contracts are often riddled with issues like oracle manipulation and a zero-sum game environment, where traders' gains are directly linked to others' losses. This setup not only hampers the spirit of equitable trading but also places a strain on the accessibility of leverage for a wide array of assets, stifling the growth potential inherent in the crypto market.

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Blackwing's Innovative Solution

Enter Blackwing, a beacon of innovation in the modular blockchain arena, engineered to dismantle the barriers surrounding leverage trading. At the heart of Blackwing's pioneering approach are the Limitless Pools, a novel construct designed to enable liquidation-free leverage trading for long tail assets. This groundbreaking feature promises to redefine the trading experience by eliminating the dread of liquidation that often shadows leverage trading. Moreover, Blackwing leverages the advancements in modular infrastructure, with Initia serving as its foundational layer, to facilitate seamless leverage trading across multiple chains without compromising on decentralization—a milestone in preserving the ethos of the blockchain space.

Journey Towards Testnet Launch

As of now, Blackwing's voyage towards launching its testnet is well underway, with a commendable progress mark of 69%. This phase is critical in fine-tuning the platform's features, ensuring a robust and user-friendly environment for traders. Blackwing's steadfast commitment to an “Insane Community Focus” underpins its mission to deliver an unparalleled trading experience characterized by a comprehensive asset portfolio, minimal fees, swift execution, and competitive pricing.

A Glimpse into the Future: The Roadmap

Blackwing's roadmap, a testament to its forward-thinking ethos, is laid out in distinct phases, each earmarked with strategic milestones aimed at expanding the platform's capabilities and reach.

  • Mach 1: This initial phase is all about laying the groundwork with the launch of Blackwing onboarding and deposit contracts, alongside an incentivized testnet featuring functional trading. It also sets the stage for the unveiling of tokenomics and airdrop details, sparking excitement within the community.
  • Mach 2: With the foundations firmly in place, Mach 2 aims to elevate Blackwing to the mainnet, introducing the ability to long assets within EVM ecosystems. This phase also heralds the much-anticipated airdrop and extends the platform's reach to encompass asset longing on Solana and Cosmos, alongside enabling asset shorting—a significant leap towards versatility.
  • Mach 3: Looking further ahead, Mach 3 focuses on democratizing the platform's infrastructure through a permissionless sequencer set, paving the way for an even more inclusive and decentralized trading environment.

In conclusion, Blackwing stands at the cusp of revolutionizing leverage trading for long tail assets through its novel Limitless Pools and a modular blockchain framework. As it progresses towards its testnet launch and unfolds its phased roadmap, Blackwing is poised to redefine the leverage trading landscape, offering a sanctuary for traders seeking growth, innovation, and a community-centric platform. This journey of transformation, underpinned by a mission of unparalleled community focus and a vision of seamless, inclusive trading, heralds a new era in the cryptocurrency space, promising a future where leverage trading is accessible, equitable, and devoid of traditional constraints.

➡️ How to airdrop farm Blackwing:

Pro: so early and underfarmed that can potential yield great returns.

Con: the airdrop is for the mainnet launch that is a few months away.

Méthode de révélation #1

  1. Go to and use one of the codes below
  • 7z5otw
  • outiss
  • jqyqbf
  • gvnpmu
  • fy7cfs
  • ar6x09
  • bipvh2
  • zkgjr0
  • q3hlcv
  • v5g9wa

2. Do first steps required: Sign up with wallet, join telegram, put email etc.

3. Deposit assets from ETH or BNB or Arb


LAST UPDATE: 24/05/2024

Méthode de révélation #2

After minimum deposit is made go to get your codes and share them

Dernier point, mais non des moindres

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