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What is BlockGames?

BlockGames: Pioneering the Future of Gaming with Innovative Rewards and Community Engagement

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain gaming, BlockGames has emerged as a forerunner, demonstrating a profound commitment to innovation, community engagement, and reward systems that redefine the gaming experience. Through a series of strategic developments, including the launch of its Player Network, introduction of DICE multipliers, and rollout of Airdrop V1.0, BlockGames is setting new standards in the integration of gaming with blockchain technology.

Empowering the Community with the Player Network Launch

February 2024 marked a milestone for BlockGames with the public launch of its Player Network, signifying a leap towards inclusive, reward-driven gaming. This development not only opened doors to a plethora of gaming experiences but also established a foundation for a vibrant community where players own their data and reap substantial rewards. The introduction of $BLOCK tokenomics further underlines BlockGames' dedication to its community, allocating a significant portion of tokens to early adopters and actively engaged members.

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DICE NFTs: A Gateway to Exclusive Rewards

The innovative approach of BlockGames is exemplified by the DICE NFTs, which now feature Airdrop Multipliers ranging from 3X to 10X, based on the holder's engagement and loyalty. This system not only rewards the community but also encourages long-term participation and investment in the ecosystem. The DICE NFTs grant exclusive access to the Player Network, offering a suite of games and rewarding mechanisms that enhance the gaming experience.

Airdrop V1.0: Revolutionizing Rewards Through Engagement

With the introduction of Airdrop V1.0, BlockGames has unveiled a comprehensive rewards ecosystem that incentivizes every form of engagement within the Player Network. From playing games to social interactions, every action contributes to a user's potential rewards, amplified through strategic staking and the acquisition of pace points. The airdrop formula and the use of multipliers encourage players to engage deeply with the platform, fostering a community where activity is directly linked to reward potential.

A Unified Vision for the Future

BlockGames' trio of initiatives – the Player Network, DICE multipliers, and Airdrop V1.0 – are not standalone achievements but facets of a unified vision to create a gaming ecosystem that is rewarding, engaging, and community-focused. This vision is grounded in the belief that the future of gaming lies in the seamless integration of Web2 and Web3 technologies, where players are not just consumers but active participants and beneficiaries of the gaming economy.

Looking Ahead

As BlockGames continues to evolve, it stands on the brink of a new era in gaming. The anticipation for the $BLOCK token launch in 2024 is palpable, promising to elevate the Player Network and community engagement to new heights. BlockGames' journey thus far has been marked by significant achievements, setting the stage for an exciting future that promises even more innovation, growth, and rewards for its community.

In summary, BlockGames is not just leading the charge in blockchain gaming; it is reshaping the landscape, proving that the future of gaming is one where community, engagement, and rewards are intricately linked. Through its innovative platforms, BlockGames is paving the way for a new generation of gamers, eager to explore, engage, and be rewarded in a world where gaming and blockchain technology converge.

➡️ Comment larguer la ferme X :

Brève introduction de 50 à 100 mots

Méthode de révélation #1

Tweet, like, reply and quote $BLOCK or @Getblockgames to earn social Twitter points by creating content or engaging in others. Earned points are awarded automatically every week, by calculating all of your relevant tweets for your connected Twitter handle.

1/ Create an account Create an account by clicking here, use my code for booster. Use your Google account, email, or iCloud account

Create a nickname (it will be your refferal code)

Connect your X account

Click on Airdrop then click on the Wallet tab

Connect your Ethereum wallet

Download the blockgames mobile app

2/ Next, let’s speak about the 3 main ways on how to farm points:

Visit the Airdrop tab Here, you will find 3 other tabs: Social Engage Extra 1) Social Tweet, like, reply and quote $BLOCK or @Getblockgames to earn social Twitter points by creating content or engaging in others. Multipliers are applied for your social points, if you Own a Dice NFT, Are an opinion leader, or if you Completed your profile: Click on Spread your first Tweet –> Wait a few minutes to claim 150 points Click on Complete Profil to get a x2 multiplier Complete all 4 tasks: Active one game, Complete one challenge, Link X account, Connect ETH wallet. These 2 last tasks are already done above.

LAST UPDATE: 19/05/2024

Méthode de révélation #2

To Active a game, go on the Discovery tab, and select the most famous game or click here Age Of Coins : Make sure to click on Allow Apps to Connect, to allow you Blockgames app to connect to the games. On the Discovery tab, click on the game you just installed, and check out the first challenge. Complete the first challenge on the game and go back to the Blockgames app to claim. Click on Dice Mutlipier and follow the steps if you want to buy an NFT to get up to x10 multiplier (FP at 0.75 ETH) Click on Influencer Popularity if you have more than 10k+ followers on X 2) Engage Visit the Engage tab. Click on Pace to see how to engage with Blockgames: The more you engage with the BlockGames application, the more pace you’re generating. Pace is calculated based on your activity over each weekly round. Here are some tips to help you achieve a higher pace: Play games and complete challenges Participate in contests Invite friends to BlockGames thanks to your referral link by clicking on the Referrals tab Connect Wallets and Socials as we did above If you own a Dice NFT, you will get 1000 points per NFT. If you’re early (still early), you will get the Early adopter x2 multiplier At the bottom of the Engage tab, you will see your Estimated Weekly Engage Points 3) Extra Visit the Extra tab: Complete all the tasks (Follow, retweet, like on X) Social points are calculated for the last 7 days, every Monday 12pm UTC. Get started now! DONT MISS THIS

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