Karakchain Airdrop Farm

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  • Carteira : Metamask
  • Socials: Twitter & Discord
  • Preço: ETH
  • Tempo : 30 minutos
  • Agir antes : N/A

What is KarakChain

Karak is pioneering the future of blockchain technology with its cutting-edge Layer 2 solutions, focusing on modular security, secure restaking, and decentralized AI. This innovative platform is designed to supercharge the blockchain ecosystem for the next billion users by offering a comprehensive risk management layer. It enhances the security and functionality of restaking, AI applications, and secure applications, making blockchain more accessible and secure for everyone.

At its core, Karak embeds modular security at the network layer, allowing developers to innovate without sacrificing security. This approach enables the creation of hypersecure applications that are safe for users from day one. Karak utilizes sequencer fees and native yield mechanisms to establish a native protection flywheel, where network security scales with network usage, ensuring a robust and secure environment for all participants.

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Karak's unique product architecture introduces a revolutionary way for users and developers to engage in secure staking and restaking. This system is built on rewards generated from productive assets, allowing participants to earn rewards while being shielded from slashing risks. This makes Karak a go-to platform for those looking to maximize their blockchain investments securely.

In the realm of decentralized AI, Karak stands out by building open infrastructure that champions censorship resistance, privacy, and verifiability. The platform makes it straightforward for developers to integrate machine learning models into various applications, empowering them to use cryptographic techniques for refining, monetizing, and performing model inference. This opens up new possibilities for innovation and application development within the blockchain space.

Karak not only leverages Ethereum's security but also enhances it with rollup technology and a custom modular data availability network. This significantly reduces transaction costs for users and enables scalability, making the best of Ethereum available at a fraction of the cost. The platform's EVM equivalence ensures seamless integration with existing software and tools, requiring minimal to no code modification, which is a significant advantage for developers looking to transition to or start using Karak.

The platform is backed by prominent investors, including Naval Ravikant, Joey Krug, Napoleon Ta, Anthony Pompliano, Santiago Roel Santos, Noah Jessop, Nikil Viswanathan, and Joe Lau, among others. This strong backing highlights the confidence in Karak's potential to transform the blockchain industry.

For those interested in joining the Karak ecosystem, the Karak XP Guide (Early Access) offers a comprehensive step-by-step process to start earning XP. This guide covers everything from redeeming invite codes and connecting wallets to bridging assets onto Karak and earning XP through participation and referrals. It is a testament to Karak's commitment to making blockchain technology accessible and rewarding for its community members.

In summary, Karak is setting a new standard for blockchain platforms with its innovative approach to security, scalability, and decentralization. Its focus on modular security, secure restaking, and decentralized AI, combined with the support of leading investors and a user-friendly XP earning guide, positions Karak as a key player in the future of blockchain technology.

Network name: Karak
Chain ID: 2410
Currency symbol: ETH
Network name: KarakTestnet
Chain ID: 2511
Currency symbol: ETH


➡️ How to airdrop farm X:

This will provide you with an in-depth understanding of Karak's offerings and how it's revolutionizing the blockchain space.

Método de revelação #1

  • KaraK Codes: 2yNYx AP9oS dCZkY 5vxPM b3zKD
  • Follow @Karak_Network Twitter
  • Join Karak Discord
  • Check your XP
  • Get Karak XP for every USDC and ETH bridged into Karak.
  • Network supported Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum
  • After deposit go to https://karak.network/karak-xp and shar your codes here

LAST UPDATE: 19/05/2024

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