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What is Get GrassX

Empowering Internet Users with Grass: A New Era of Network Resource Sharing

In today's digital age, our internet connection has become more than just a gateway to information and communication; it holds untapped economic value. Grass, a pioneering browser extension by Wynd Network, is set to revolutionize how we perceive and utilize our internet bandwidth. By enabling users to sell their unused network resources, Grass introduces a new paradigm in the residential IP proxy market, traditionally dominated by centralized entities that profit at the expense of the average user.

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The Value of Your Internet Connection

Each time we access the internet, we do so with a unique IP address, often seeing content tailored to our location. This personalized view is precisely what makes our internet connection valuable, especially for companies seeking data across different geographies. Until now, this value has been largely harvested by centralized proxy providers, leaving the original bandwidth providers—us, the users—out of the equation.

Grass: Decentralizing the Proxy Market

Grass aims to disrupt this model by creating a decentralized residential proxy market. It compensates users for what was previously an untapped asset: their “idle” bandwidth. By leveraging blockchain technology, Grass not only ensures fair compensation but also democratizes the governance of the network, allowing users to have a say in its operation.

How It Works

The mechanism is simple yet revolutionary. Users install Grass as a web extension, which then operates in the background, allowing others to access the internet from their perspective, using their unused bandwidth. In return, users are rewarded with tokens, which represent both a stake in the network's revenues and a vote in its governance.

Benefits of Grass Over Traditional Systems

Grass stands out by offering an ethical, democratic, and secure alternative to the exploitative practices of centralized networks. By compensating users with ownership in the network, Grass ensures that the benefits of the digital economy are more equitably distributed. Additionally, the decentralized nature of Grass enhances security, reducing the risk posed by having a few companies control significant infrastructure.

Impact on the Proxy Market and Users

By aligning the interests of users and data seekers, Grass has the potential to transform the residential proxy market. It not only offers a fairer compensation model but also introduces transparency and user empowerment into an industry fraught with exploitation. For users, Grass represents an opportunity to reclaim control over their internet resources and earn from assets they already possess but have been undervalued.


Grass is not just a technological innovation; it's a movement towards a more equitable and democratic digital economy. By recognizing the intrinsic value of our internet connection and providing a platform for fair compensation, Grass empowers every internet user to participate in and benefit from the global data market. As we move forward, Grass stands as a testament to the power of decentralization in challenging established norms and reshaping industries for the better.

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If you're on your PC and have decent WiFi – can use 3% of the bandwidth to mine Grass points currently. It's a DePin play. Relatively well farmed, but a big raise led by polychain capital and tribe capital

LAST UPDATE: 22/05/2024

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Start here (use ref code to get bonus) works on google chrome and solana saga phone

Metoda de dezvăluire #1

Share your referral code (you can share yours here) 

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