YOLO GAMES Airdrop Guide

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  • 现状 : 🟢 活跃

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  • 钱包 :Metamask
  • 社交活动:推特
  • 价格:ETH
  • 时间 :10 分钟
  • 行动之前 :不适用

What is Yologames.io?

Let's dive into the world of YOLO Games, an innovative on-chain gaming platform that's redefining the landscape of blockchain gaming. YOLO Games isn't just another name in the vast sea of gaming; it represents a bold leap into the future, where gaming meets decentralized finance, creating a universe where every player, regardless of outcome, finds reward and excitement. Built by looksrare nft on blast.io

yolo games logo twitter
yolo games logo twitter


The Core of YOLO Games: A Mission to Reward

At the heart of YOLO Games' philosophy lies a simple yet groundbreaking idea: to ensure every player gets paid, win or lose. This concept is brought to life through a suite of crypto games, each designed not just for thrill and engagement but also to serve as a vehicle for rewards. Players accumulate Points through various activities, from gameplay to completing daily tasks, which not only escalates their leaderboard ranking but also guarantees a slice of a significant reward pool at the season's end.

Built on Blast: The Speed of Light

YOLO Games stands apart by leveraging Blast's layer two solution, a choice that brings unparalleled speed and efficiency to on-chain gaming. Blast is celebrated for its rapid transactions and minimal gas fees, a critical feature that ensures a smooth, fast-paced gaming experience without the usual blockchain bloat. This technical backbone supports YOLO Games' vision of a seamless, frictionless gaming environment.

The Reward System: Generosity Unleashed

In a bold move, YOLO Games promises 100% of fees generated, native yield, and Blast incentives back to the players. This generous reward system is further sweetened with $YOLO tokens, enhancing the platform's appeal and ensuring players are richly rewarded for their engagement and loyalty.

The Gaming Suite: Diversity and Excitement

YOLO Games offers a captivating array of games, each with its unique charm and reward structure:

  • MOON or DOOM: A thrilling prediction game where players guess the future of crypto prices within a 60-second window. Success brings rewards, fueled by accurate, real-time data.
  • YOLO: A high-stakes battle royale where contributions to a shared pot increase the chance of winning. The last player standing takes all, minus a fee, but even those who don't win earn Points.
  • Poke the Bear: A lower-risk game that involves provoking a virtual bear, with the suspense of not knowing when it will wake. Survivors split the pool, adding a layer of strategy and anticipation.

The Essence of YOLO Games

What sets YOLO Games apart is not just its innovative use of blockchain technology or its rewarding games but its vision of a gaming community where everyone benefits. By blending the excitement of gaming with the principles of decentralized finance, YOLO Games creates a new realm of possibilities for players and developers alike.

This platform represents more than just entertainment; it's a paradigm shift in how we perceive value, reward, and community in the digital age. YOLO Games is not merely offering games; it's crafting a new narrative for the blockchain world, one where every participant, from the casual player to the hardened degen, finds value, excitement, and, above all, reward.

In conclusion, YOLO Games is pioneering a new era in on-chain gaming, one where the thrill of play is matched by the certainty of reward. As it continues to expand its suite of games and refine its reward systems, the platform is poised to become a cornerstone of the blockchain gaming community, setting new standards for engagement, fairness, and player satisfaction.

➡️ 如何空投农场 X:

Claim Your $BOOST: An Early Bird Special

YOLO Games introduces $BOOST, a special token for early adopters. Allocated based on assets deposited at snapshot time, $BOOST acts as a head start into the gaming season. It's a clever incentive, encouraging early participation and investment in the ecosystem.

揭示方法 #1

Commit LOOKS, Earn YOLO
In a special collaboration with the newly-launched YOLO Games, your LOOKS can now earn you even more.
1. Go to https://looksrare.org/rewards and Commit your LOOKS to earn Shards. You’ll be able to convert them into YOLO tokens at a later date.Learn More

LAST UPDATE: 24/05/2024

揭示方法 #2

If you had eth staked on blast you get some $BOOST rewards – spend them and after that head to https://yologames.io/rewards to claim rewards and start farming rewards

揭示方法 #3


Use code for bonus: https://yologames.io/rewards?code=1D23B

Using two wallets to bet against eachother to hedge the losses and farm points with low risk. Requirements Two wallets 0.25eth on each wallet (If you can afford to put 0.5 or 1eth on each then you will achieve faster results Patience – A fair bit of clicking Discipline – Do NOT get tempted to gamble. We are just hedging Pros and Cons You will earn YOLO points, BLAST Gold, and possibly profit in pure eth Low risk (because of hedging), but still allow yourself the chance to win some serious rewards. The house edge takes 1%. So you must accept that your eth balance will, on average, go down slightly over time

  • NOTE: The house edge is 1%. However 0.8% is rewarded back to users in the form of rakeback and lotteries. So assuming a normal distribution of probability your real loss is only 0.2%


  1. Load up two browsers with 1 wallet on each
  2. 转到 Referrals & Codes
  3. On Wallet A –> bet 0.05 on MOON (or 0.1/0.2 if you have higher budget)
  4. On Wallet B –> bet 0.05 on DOOM (or 0.1/0.2 if you have higher budget)
  5. Rinse and repeat
  6. Then, the rewards will come from the “Gold Rush” tab. Every 250k points you accumulate will allow you to spin the Gold Rush wheel. This can award BIG amounts of Gold/Eth and points


  1. Every 12 hours you can “rakeback” 25% of your total rakeback pool (a portion of your losses). Ensure to do this every 12 hours, because if you don't claim your rakeback for in a 12-hour period then you lose it. Basically a free opportunity to re-claim some money that you lost!
  2. When you think you are finished playing, go to the “Lottery” tab and use your lottery tickets to enter the Daily or Weekly raffle. 50 winners in each raffle, and the prizes are serious!
  3. In the “Rewards” tab, ensure to claim the free quest points you've earned by playing!



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