Dew.GG - #1 Top Airdrop Ghidul de creștere în aer liber

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  • Starea actuală : 🟢 Activ

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  • Portofel : Metamask
  • Socials: N/A
  • Preț: Liber + Gaze
  • Timp : 10 minute
  • Acționează înainte : 2024-03-31

What is

Short story long – is a polygon native platform that's focused on polygon NFTs. Like Opensea or Blur or Looksrare are for ethereum

you can find more details here:


➡️ How to airdrop farm DEW.GG:

Metoda de dezvăluire #1

💧 Dew Chapter 1 Reward Mechanism 💧

Chapter 1 will officially start August 22 @ 00:00 UTC!

In Chapter 1 **having a Dew Name is mandatory** to earn rewards. Your Dew Name will also become your Active Profile (you can switch anytime)!

Let's look at what's in store for Chapter 1 👇

🔢 **How to earn Dew Points?**

  •  List your NFTs on Dew & you will earn pts if your listings are successfully traded (on dew only)
  •  Buy NFTs listed on Dew (only Dew listings count)
  • Mint NFTs on Dew Launchpad
  • Bidding on Dew

💯** Dew Loyalty**

  • List on Dew exclusively will increase Loyalty
  • Buy on Dew (any marketplace) will increase Loyalty
  • Trade on other Marketplaces will decrease Loyalty

Keep 100% Loyalty after binding your dew name to the end of chapter 1 and you'll receive a 100% Dew Points Boost!

The higher your loyalty and the longer you maintain a high loyalty the more rare token boxes you'll receive. 

🤝 **Dew Points & Dew Names**

Your Dew Points will be linked to the Dew Name attached to your profile and when you transfer or sell the name the points will go with it.

If you wish to sell your Dew Name and keep the points you must bind a new Dew Name to your profile.

💰 **Trading Fee Share**

Starting from August 22nd, we will charge a 1.5% trading fee on all Dew listings.

Out of this fee, 0.5% will be given to the Buyer & 1% will be distributed to the buyer’s dew name combinations.

The yield will be displayed in your Dew Name profile.

🎁 Chapter 1 Benefits

  • Token Boxes
  • Launchpad Revenue
  • Trading Fee Revenue
  • Launchpad Partner WLs

LAST UPDATE: 22/05/2024

Metoda de dezvăluire #2

Collect rewards from – and as Friend dew name use “an71qu3”

🪄  Mint Dew Name:

🤝  Trade Dew Name:

Keep eyes open on

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